Say It Ain't So, Michael Behe 

It seemed hard to believe Michael Behe said it exactly this way when he wrote about Richard Dawkins in TIME:

"It is a measure of the artful way Dawkins, 66, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Oxford, tells a tale and the rigor he brings to his thinking that even those of us who profoundly disagree with what he has to say can tip our hats to the way he has invigorated the larger debate." 

Funny thing is, Michael Behe found it hard to believe too, and he said it wasn't quite so.

What he originally wrote was certainly gracious; that wasn't what seemed wrong here. It just didn't have the right sound; it didn't seem like what he would have said. Well, you can use your computer to double-check your eyes, and find out how much of this he actually wrote. See if you (or your computer) can find the words "measure," "artful," "tale," "rigor," "thinking," "profoundly," "disagree," "tip," "hats," "invigorated," or "debate" in Behe's original copy. See if you can find some of the words written elsewhere in TIME's article, like "Bible," and "deeply unsettling." See if you think Michael Behe was responsible for more than, say, 30% to 40% of what's attributed to him there.

See if you think Intelligent Design is typically given an accurate reporting. (Or is it like this for everything that gets reported in magazines like TIME?) 

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